Feminist Leadership 

I am a lifelong feminist and was a full-time activist during second wave feminism in the 80s. 
As a leader I led overtly from feminist principles and supported dozens of women to step into their fullest potential as women leaders. I was frequently the first or only woman in senior positions in a team of men. I am an intersectional feminist and have always been committed to inclusion and diversity. 

I offer two strands of work:  

Understanding Feminisms 
I offer presentations and workshops on understanding the wide range of feminisms. We explore the individual women who fought for women’s rights and the abolition of slavery, the first wave of feminism and winning of the vote, then second, third and fourth wave feminism and their contributions. There is always space to clarify understanding of what feminism means to participants - personally and organisationally. As well as issues of intersectionality and gender identity 
Feminist Leadership 
I offer presentations, workshops and consultancy on the core principles of Feminist Leadership, and how you can incorporate into your own leadership. 
I am working with Caplor Horizons on their feminist organisational journey and have authored a thought paper on Feminist Leadership 
I am also supporting Action-Aid Ireland and the Glastonbury Goddess Community with their feminist leadership. 

Feedback on my work: 

“The sessions were awesome Lynne I felt very deeply moved by the songs as well..a really wonderful presentation Thank you." 
“Brilliant - thank you so much!!! Such an informative presentation.” 
“The Journey through Feminism course has been incredible. Such a lot of work had gone into the collection and reviewing of the movements and waves of feminism. It was very informative, thought provoking, and helpful." 
“Thank you for all your wonderful research, insights and knowledge. I found your presentation so interesting, and a great analysis of the 3rd and 4th wave feminisms, which I had not really understood before." 
“Thank you for the superbly clear and fascinating journey through the feminisms. You clarified much that has confused me. You also created a safe space for people to share some pretty personal things.” 
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