While very pragmatic and practical I love academic study and explorations. 
My Professional Doctorate is in spiritual leadership and co-creating spirited organisations. My MSc is in Change. Several books and articles have been published on my impact as a leader working from a spiritual paradigm. You can find a list of all my writing below. 
Sedgmore L (2020) Introduction on FE Utopias in Caliban’s Dance: FE after The Tempest, Eds Daley, Orr & Petrie IOE Press London 
Sedgmore L. (2013) Illumination of Practice through Research and Inquiry, In Neal J. Handbook of Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace, USA Springer Press. 
Sedgmore L. (2010) Reflections on the Leadership of Literacy, In Howard and Kings. Why Leadership Matters, London, NRDC. 
Sedgmore L. (2006) Leadership in a Pluralist Society: Helping Colleges to Respond to Issues of Faith and Belief in FE, Journal of Chaplaincy January East London Mosque. 
Sedgmore L (2002) Learning Excellence, People and Organisations, 9(3) pp1-12 
Sedgmore L, (2001) Emotional Intelligence, The Hidden Advantage, Academic Leadership 8(II) pp16-20, USA, Chair Academy 
Sedgmore L. (2000) Hold Tight, TES College Manager p43, London. 
Sedgmore L. (2000) Personal Reflections on Workplace Ministry as Leadership, Modem Ministry 8 p.8. 
Sedgmore L. (2000) Christian Leadership as Ministry within the Workplace, Faith in Business Ministry 4(4) pp.29-33. 

Co-authored Publications 

Fry L. Sedgmore L. and Atman Y. (2009) Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line through a Spiritual Leadership Balanced Scorecard Business Model: The CEL Story, Academy of Management Annual Convention, Chicago. 
Western S. and Sedgmore L. (2008) A Privileged Conversation, Journal of Management Spirituality and Religion 5(3) pp. 321–346. 
Wilson E. Sedgmore, L. Altman Y. and Ozbilgin M. (2008) A Model of Organisational Spirituality and a Case Study, Academy of Management Annual Convention, Los Angeles. 
Limb A and Sedgmore L,.(2007) “Full Circle: a short history of the development of values and beliefs in the further education system, seen through the eyes of the National Ecumenical Agency Further Education (NEAFE) and the National Council of Faiths and Beliefs in Further Education (fbfe)” Journal of Chaplaincy 
Hatton A and Sedgmore L (1992) Marketing for College Managers Handbook, FESC Press, England. 

Publications by academics case studying or commenting on my work 

Altman Y. (2010) In Search of Transcendence - Making a Connection with Transcendence, An Interview with Lynne Sedgmore, Human Resource Management International Digest 18(6) pp.35–38. 
Altman Y. and Baruch Y. (2010) The Organizational Lunch, Culture and Organization 16 (2) pp.127–143. 
Altman Y. Wilson E. and Ozbilgin M. (2007) Organisational Effectiveness and Well Being at Work: CEL as a case-study, ESADE. 
Fry L. and Nisiewicz M. (2012) Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line through Spiritual Leadership, Stanford USA: Stanford University Press. 
Howard S. and Welbourn D. (2004) The Spirit at Work Phenomenon, Gainsville USA: Azure. 
Robinson S. and Smith J. (2014) Co-Charismatic Leadership: Critical Perspectives on Spirituality, Ethics and Leadership, Bern Switzerland: Peter Lang. 
Western S. (2008) Democratising Strategy: Towards Distributed Leadership, In Cambell D. and Huffington C. (Eds.) Organisations Connected A handbook of Systemic Consultation 8 pp. 173–197, London: Karnac Books. 
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