The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel Book 

My new book The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel was published on November 26th 2021 by the Changemakers imprint of John Hunt publisher. 
It explores key issues facing the world today and offers a very different kind of leadership. It is my original creation of a radical new path of leadership development arising from my 40 years of leadership experiences, spiritual journeying and extensive study and research. It is leading edge by combining a wide range of leadership experience and approaches, feminism and Goddess spirituality. 
My book is available from Amazon in several different countries (the UK link is below), Glastonbury Goddess Temple Gifts and John Hunt publisher and Indie independent bookshops 
The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel
Goddess Luminaries
It is very different from existing sacred feminine leadership courses as it involves much more than placing desirable feminine attributes into existing masculine leadership. 
It has practical exercises, original models and suggestions threaded throughout and is a companion to the course as well as an independent text in its own right. I am not aware of such an experienced leader as myself combining leadership with sacred feminine. 
My vision is the co-creation of a world wide community of Goddess Luminaries as radical change makers. 
My intended audiences 
Include anyone new to leadership, experienced leaders seeking new practices and understandings, women who fear leadership or have never had any, encouragement to become the kind of leader their heart yearns to be plus activists, Goddess loving individuals and anyone interested in spirituality and post-conventional ways of leading. 
My intended audiences
The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel
The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel

Here are some Endorsements to give you a flavour of the book: 

“Yet again Lynne defines leadership through a new lens. She deftly intertwines and explores spirituality and gender through a focus on divine feminine energy. The bold manifest it and cherish it, it forms the core of their character. This book is a wonderful tool of empowerment for all. Bravo!” 
Bawa Jain Founder and President, The Centre for Responsible Leadership 
“I find Lynne’s book quite amazing. I love the Luminary Wheel, and it can be used alongside my own Global Goddess training. Leadership has always been a minefield for women of Goddess. Lynne explores deeply the notion of "structurelessness" in the collective model, alongside the complex issues of understanding and using power. Working with the powerful principles and techniques offered by the Luminary Leadership Wheel, especially the Shadow Archetypes, I am sure many women, especially teachers, will find this book most helpful. Thank you Lynne for this revolutionary work.” 
Anique Radiant Heart, Elder Priestess of the Global Goddess, Temple of the Global Goddess, Maitland, Australia 
“This is a book about leadership like no other. Its author is one of the most exciting and challenging thinkers on leadership that I know. It offers an innovative definition of what constitutes a leader, or a Luminary through a fascinating paradigm of leadership practice, holding out to us the possibility of a world in which humanity can be united through creativity, compassion, collaboration and connection to “Goddess.”Many will be able to draw insight, wisdom, ideas and new learning from Lynne’s writing.” 
Dr Ann Limb CBE, Philanthropist, Mover and Quaker 
“The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel is different, and insightful, for anyone wanting to learn to lead in new and creative ways, centred in Goddess. Lynne’s ideas push through the limiting boundaries of patriarchy to create new dynamic forms of a loving Luminary leadership. We have already felt the effects of her teaching in our own Temple community as trained Luminaries step into new roles. We have incorporated Luminary ideas into our organisational structures. It is time for such an inspired Goddess-centred vision to take centre-stage in these turbulent times of transformation. A significant contribution to change the world for the better.” 
Kathy Jones, Founder of Glastonbury Goddess Temple and the Avalonian Priestess Tradition. 
"In this book, Lynne offers a creative and powerful synthesis of the best of leadership development with an immersive experience of Goddess spirituality. Here you will find a unique, holistic new approach for leaders to birth their fullest potential and the potential of others. I urge you to take this journey. You will emerge all the more equipped and energised to be, and to lead, the change you want to see in the world." 
Jody Fry, Ph.D. Regents Professor of Management and Leadership, Founder of the International Institute for Spiritual Leadership 
“Dr. Lynne Sedgmore CBE is resetting the management literature on leadership, directing it to a new path. Hers is a bold statement: Lynne doesn’t do things by half. She positions contemporary leadership as a spiritual enterprise, insisting on incorporating the sacred feminine as an essential component of successful (read: humane, impactful, holistic, globally conscious) leadership. Richly illustrated with practical evidence and timeless wisdom, this beautifully written book will inspire you to better yourself and make your world a better place too. Read it!” 
Prof. Dr. Yochanan Altman, Founding Editor, Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion 
“This book is a tremendous contribution and stimulus for positive change. It makes a passionate case, and provides meaningful pathways, for a post patriarchal world. It has a marvellous depth of scholarly insight. It is underpinned by well founded perspectives that Lynne has gained from the remarkable breadth of her experience, including as a highly successful CEO for many years. We recommend it wholeheartedly.” 
Lorna Pearcey & Dr Ian Williams, Co-Directors, Caplor Horizons Charity 
“The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel provides a powerful set of principles and techniques for spiritually-driven leadership. Delving deeply into concepts such as intersectionality, the shadow self and dealing with toxic leadership, this is an ideal work for anyone who is seeking a feminist-based structure of leadership and post-patriarchal concepts of power.” 
Dr Liz Williams, author of Miracles of Our Own Making 
“Re-acquainting women with their power and intuition is essential to fostering 'thrive environments.' Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel is a mould-breaking and interactive work based on decades of priceless expertise. As Dr Sedgmore writes, ''She who knows her true power in all its forms. Is unafraid of it’s magnificence and impact. She releases its flow wisely in herself and others.'' Implementing the 'Clearing Conversations' alone would be a life-changing practice for most people. The compilation of these powerful cycles is a life-time achievement certain to empower women throughout the world. I can't recommend this work reverently enough.” 
Trista Hendren, MBA, Creatrix of Girl God Books 
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